ON THE FIELD – 12MAN can help your team reach its full potential


Football is growing all over the world and elite football is improving steadily. With such a high level of competitiveness, the ability of strikers is crucial to make the difference in the game.

At 12MANagament, we believe that specific coaching for strikers is a key to success, especially for growing football nations. We have built a specific course that we deliver either to coaches (for them to deliver outstanding training to strikers), or directly to strikers to help them significantly improve their capacity to score and make differences.

Our program is directly delivered by Frédéric Oumar Kanouté, who brings his enormous experience of the game and his image, increasing the impact of our training course.


12MAN can help to create an ambitious football academy or to optimize existing projects, offering:

  • World class training programs
  • State of the art screening and selection of players
  • European coaches specialized in youth football to deliver the project
  • World class experts to bring added-value to the project
  • Very strong relations with professional clubs in the Middle-East, Europe, Asia and North America
  • The image and personal involvement of Frédéric Kanouté


To be successful in modern football, a performant talent identification program is critical. Your talent identification program must fit with your specific situation (country, club culture, budget, physical/technical/ tactical requirements, etc).

You need to put in place the right organization to look at the right places in order to identify the right talents: those who will be able to develop into high level players and will fit to your environment.

At 12MAN, we combine technical and management skills in order to design and operate a successful identification program, conforming to your objectives and budget.


Design your training plans

Audit your sports organization and human resources

Train your staff / Recruit

With football being more competitive than ever, we believe that human resources are crucial for your players to develop their full potential. At 12MAN, we can assist you to assess your staff, train them and recruit external expertise if needed.


Investment in training facilities are very expensive and will impact your training efficiency and your budget on the long term. You should identify what you really need today and tomorrow. There should also be a way to evaluate your sporting return on investment.

At 12MAN, we combine strong expertise in training and feasibility studies. We can help you in making the right choices to optimize your future facilities and preserve your budget.

OFF THE FIELD – 12man can help you develop your project


Matchday & non-matchday / fan experience / customer path

Your stadium is a key asset for your club. You absolutely need to generate in your arena a great athmosphere, bringing passion & happiness to your fans.At 12MAN, we can assist you to identify the best positioning for your stadium, define your needs, plan your project & select the best providers for your stadium to generate passion, revenues and return on investment.



Ticketing / Customer Relationship Management / Webmarketing

New technologies offer new ways to generate revenues but can also represent significant costs and therefore needs to be studied very carefully.At 12MAN, we can assist you to develop the right strategy, choose the best tools and use them properly to generate new revenues and increase your return on investment.



Corporate Social Responsibility strategy / Activation

A sustainable professional sporting entity needs to actively engage with its community in order to develop its fanbase and optimize its image. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is therefore becoming an increasingly attractive proposition for football clubs and associations keen to use the global game to communicate positive messages.

At 12MAN, we can assist you to specify a global strategy which will develop citizenship at all levels of your club in order to engage with fans in new original ways.


Professional football clubs provide great opportunities, especially to develop networks, relations with fans and return on investment from transfer fees.

 We can help identify clubs which meet your requirements, assist you in your choice and negotiation, manage due diligence, set up your management team and ensure your club is properly managed by carrying out independent audits.


Professional clubs need to develop their networks both at local and international level.

At 12MAN, we can help you in specifying a winning strategy at the international level by teaming up with the right partners to develop your academy / club / friendly games / tournaments / training camps.

Meet our consulting team

12MAN brings together a multi-disciplinary team, with expertise in sports management, coaching & marketing, to enhance both on the field talent and  overall club and company performance, with offices in Dubai, London and Marseille.

Founder of 12MAN, based in Dubai, Kanouté brings technical expertise within a multicultural approach and a strong positive image. Kanouté will be personally involved and supervising all programs.

Frédéric Oumar Kanouté

More than 15 years of experience as a sports consultant. Has advised prestigious clients in the sports industry, with an expertise in consulting strategy and project management. Special interest in football academies & stadiums.

Nicolas Fernandez

Specializes in South American football (Brazilian football in particular), a former player with a great knowledge of the game, who has also studied business management in the United States of America.

Eduardo Ramos

Our consultants have experience of working with prestigious clients, including:

Aspire (Qatar), Bahrain Football Association, Beijing Guoan, European Commission, Diambars, Dubai Sport Council, Extremadura UD, FC Metz, FIFA, French Football Federation, French Football League, Lille OSC, Olympique Lyonnais, Porto Vitoria, Qatar Football Association, Paris SG, Red Bull Salzburg, Roland Garros, Sevilla FC, UEFA, Yeelen Olympique. 

Player Management

A dedicated team mentors 12MAN players during their whole career, from talent identification to retraining after retirement. 12MAN has a specific expertise in young talents.

Specializes in governance and policy. He has worked with prominent football personalities,  and helped them achieve their social and business objectives.

Intermediary registered with The Football Association (England):      # IMS002387.

Amin Rahman

Practicing lawyer in Spain since 1996, specializing in commercial law employment law, family law and sports law.

Jesus Prieto